• Conceptual Background Preparation on Rural Development, Sustainable education development programmer for Balika Sikhsa Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS Awareness Generation among general persons and sex workers cum blood testing, Human Resource Development, Women & Child Development, agriculture & Allied Industries Promotion Disaster Management, Youth Affairs, Cultural Development, Tourism Promotion, Human Rights, Peace & Co-operation, Self Help Group (SHG) Formation & Management, Child Labour & Street Child rehabilitation etc.
  • Survey, Identification; analysis assessment and Database Management System installation.
  • Preparation of PROJECT FEASIBILITY REPORT with Socio-techno and Financial analysis.
  • Planning workshop analysis.
  • Concept Paper formulation.
  • Training Programme organization.
  • Documentation workshop.
  • Information research and information dissemination.
  • Analysis Monitoring, Supervision and follow-up.
  • Collaboration and joint venture.
  • Inter District Financial Management

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